LoRa® Devices Empower Innovative Food Safety 

Compliance regulations require grocers and food services maintain safe temperatures of refrigerated foods. Traditionally, employees have been responsible for manually checking and recording temperatures using a probe thermometer, a very labor intensive task. 

Axino has successfully leveraged Semtech's LoRa devices, combining LoRa sensors with artificial intelligence algorithms, to remotely and automatically detect and manage refrigerated food temperatures within one degree Celsius. Using LoRa, Axino has revolutionized food safety by applying the Internet of Things (IoT) to the food industry, and won the Innovation World Cup award for Best Innovation in Transport, Lifestyle & Retail.

Read this white paper to learn how LoRa sensors and LoRaWAN® networks have empowered Axino to disrupt food transportation, distribution and retail sales.

Disrupting Cold Chain Refrigeration & Improving Food Quality by Taking a Fresh Approach to Asset Quality Management



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