October 12, 2022 | 8 a.m. - 9 a.m. PT


Meet LoRa Cloud Locator

A LoRa Edge Evaluation Tool for Asset Tracking

Webinar hosted by Semtech





Pedro Mendoza

Cloud Partner Manager,
Wireless and Sensing Products Group, Semtech

Cossette Palomino

Partner Business Analyst, LoRa Partnerships,
Wireless and Sensing Products Group, Semtech

Historically, asset tracking solutions have used on-device GNSS hardware to calculate locations. Although these solutions can provide real-time outdoor location with very high precision accuracy, it comes at the cost of a short battery life resulting in the frequent need to replace batteries or even devices. Semtech’s LoRa Edge significantly reduces power consumption by solving the location of the asset in a Cloud-based solver instead of on the device itself, extending device battery life by up to 10 years or more.

Join Pedro Mendoza, cloud partner manager at Semtech, and Cossette Palomino, partner business analyst at Semtech, to explore how the LoRa Cloud Locator service provides the opportunity to easily evaluate the accuracy and power consumption capabilities of the LoRa Edge for indoor/outdoor asset tracking use cases.

Additionally, Pedro and Cossette will provide a deep dive on various asset tracking concepts including market size, traditional solutions, as well as how LoRa Edge is used in modern asset tracking solutions.

In This Webinar

We Will Review:

Modern Internet of Things (IoT) Tracking vs. Legacy

An Overview of LoRa Cloud Geolocation Services and LoRa Edge Usage

Anatomy of the LoRa Cloud Asset Tracking Application

How to Use LoRa Cloud Locator

Meet LoRa Cloud Locator – A LoRa Edge Evaluation Tool for Asset TrackingLoRaCloudLocator_form_1

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